What is Kingsize Help?

Large vehicles can cause major problems if a breakdown or traffic accident occurs on the road.

In these cases Kingsize Help will be of the greatest help to you and provide you with free use of the roadside assistance service. In addition to the repair services of trucks and buses, and transportation and crane services for pulling them out, the driver could also use accommodation or a replacement vehicle as well as interpreting services. Kingsize Help provides all this throughout Europe.

Kingsize Help is intended for business users, truck and bus owners with a maximum permissible load of over 3.5 tonnes.

Why Kingsize Help?


Truck and bus owners know very well the consequences of traffic accidents and breakdowns. The high costs of repairing, retrieving, towing and disposing of vehicles can greatly affect the financial status of the carrier's business.


The organization of interventions is inherently demanding, especially if a language barrier is added to it. The situation is even more complicated if you are abroad and not familiar with the contractors, prices or procedures, which further increases costs.


As long as your vehicle is out of order, and this can be unnecessarily prolonged if you do not know the contractors, there is a certain risk of losing revenue from the transport of goods and passengers, and delays in agreed deliveries can lead to penalties.


You no longer need to spend money on your own service resources or time searching for a towing service when you are in the field. Kingsize Help will provide you with assistance and cover its costs across Europe. This way you can keep doing your regular tasks, and leave us to take care of your truck or bus.


Call Centre

Call us toll-free any day, at any time.

Problem/breakdown diagnosis

Professional diagnosis is the first step towards a fast and adequate vehicle repair service.

On-site repair

We can repair your vehicle on-site and perform simple actions such as refuelling, battery charging, air charging, simpler repairs of fuel, air or cooling system hoses, replacement of parts, replacement of fuses and bulbs, etc.

Preparation for towing

We perform preparatory work for towing the vehicle - disassembly of the cardan shaft, connecting to the air system of the towing vehicle, marking of the vehicle, securing of the vehicle and cargo on the vehicle, etc.

Vehicle transportation

If we cannot put the vehicle into function on the spot, we will organize the transport of the vehicle, including loading, transport and unloading the vehicle at the location of the user's choice.

Crane/car lift

A crane / car lift is at your disposal in case of the need to pull out or handle the vehicle in the event of skidding, overturning, etc.


During the repair of the vehicle, we provide accommodation for the driver in a nearby hotel.

Replacement vehicle

We provide the driver with a replacement passenger car to use while the vehicle is being repaired or to return to the base.


Interpreting service is also provided in order to facilitate your communication with the competent services or other participants in the organization of an appropriate intervention in a foreign country.

When and how to use Kingsize Help?

Kingsize Help is of the greatest help in the event of a breakdown or accident of your buses and trucks while traveling outside the borders of your country, anywhere in Europe. Just contact our Call Centre toll-free number on any day or at any time. We will then urgently send an intervention team to a given location and repair the vehicle on the spot. If this is not possible, we will arrange for the vehicle to be transported to a location of the Kingsize Help user’s choice.

In the event of an accident and the overturning or skidding of a vehicle, if necessary, we will organize a crane/car lift to pull out, turn or handle the vehicle during loading and preparation for transport, and we will provide additional assistance such as accommodation and a replacement vehicle for the driver, as well as interpreting services.

Where and how can you get Kingsize Help?

You can arrange Kingsize Help with your insurance company, bank, leasing company, telecom provider, credit card company or fleet management service provider and distributors and sellers of new and used trucks and buses, as an integral part of their products or as a standalone product, quickly and easily via online sales, application solutions or in person at branches.